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I am Le Vans, and my name is as extraordinary as my abilities. As an intuitive psychic, my comprehension of the world is integral to who I am and my mission in life is to enable, enhance, and activate others' psychic abilities to reach an Awareness of Consciousness.

Centuries ago, possessing Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) was seen as "Witchery" and punishable by death, as it was considered an unknown ability by society. However, in modern times, I am recognized as a psychic or clairvoyant with attributes such as Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling), Clair-empathy (clear emotions), and Channeling (using my mind as a mechanism for energizing/programming things and healing others). As an unfiltered conduit, I allow Spirit to provide messages to those seeking guidance on their careers, relationships, or life in general. I utilize various tools such as angel cards, oracle cards, tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, stones, herbs, and essential oils to conduct my readings. I also find numerology insightful as my clients often recognize matching characteristics within themselves.

I invite you to experience a reading session with my oracle cards, which will raise your awareness and vibration. Your arrival on my website was no coincidence; you were guided by the universe, which knows what is best for you and led you to this page. This encounter is an awakening for you, orchestrated by the universe, and I believe that all is in Divine order.

I send you nothing but Love, white light, positive energy, and happiness. May you always be protected and surrounded by your guides.

Blessings & Namaste.

~ Le Vans Figueredo ~

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1 HR | $145

30 min | $80

3 CARD PULL | $45

1 CARD PULL | $11



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Your light is your infinite source! Learn how to tap into it.

Spirit is calling, listen, it's time to walk your TRUTH.

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  • By requesting or receiving a reading or any session with Le Vans Figueredo, you understand and agree that Le Vans, by way of information in any form and by a session, is not a substitute for any legal or professional services including, but not limited to legal, medical, psychological and financial professionals, etc. You are advised to seek licensed and qualified professionals in those fields. All sessions are intended to offer insight and clarity into your life alongside any paraprofessionals. The advice you may receive is subject to your interpretations, and any decisions or actions that you decide are up to your own free will and your interpretation.
  • Le Vans is not liable for any loss or damage, in any form whatsoever, that may incur resulting from the use of this website or any advice given. How you interpret it and what you do with it is on you. You must be 18 years or older to book and attend a reading with Le Vans.


  • Payments: Payments must be made and received before your scheduled session. Amounts are payable via Debit/Credit Card or secured sites such as PayPal, Square, Venmo and will include a confirmation receipt of your booked appointment.
  • Session Frequency: To ensure the best outcome from a session, all sessions are spaced out with a minimum of 6 months in between. This is true with Psychic-Medium Sessions. With any Private Mentorship Sessions, they are on a need-be basis and can be discussed at your session.
  • Cancellation Policy: All sessions may be canceled or rescheduled up to 48 hours before your appointed session with a full refund. Less than 48 hours is subject to a non-refund.
  • Refund Policy: Before 48-hour notice, is granted a full refund. After 48 hours is considered a missed appointment, no refund shall be given. Please understand that many others would like that spot.
  • Le Vans Figueredo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, without any notice given.

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